What is Living Zone?

A Living Zone is a single room or a number of rooms that can be set to follow the same timer settings when programming comfort temperature and economy temperature for your house.  Specifically it is a list of rooms sharing the same heating schedule for when you are at home and away or asleep.

Living Zone is a quick way to control the heating where you live and can be set directly from the DEVIsmart App.

Comfort temperature and economy temperature is still adjusted individually.

Rooms can be added or removed from the Living Zone.

An example of a room that you might prefer to handle outside a Living Zone can be your bedroom, as it is typically used at other periods than other rooms in the house.


You can move rooms (thermostats) in and out of the Living Zone heating schedule as described here:

  1. In the DEVI Smart App, activate menu by tapping the three lines [] in upper left corner of the main screen.
  2. Tap [Schedule] and you will get a list of the installed thermostats
  3. Tap the pencil [ ] in upper right corner and you can now slide the rooms (thermostats) between “Living Zone” and “Individual room”
  4. Save the new setting by tapping the checkmark in upper right corner
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